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New Journal = redhoundstooth

always look on the [bright] side of life
we're friends forever. no matter how far apart from each other we are, as long as we think of each other
from time to time, we'll always be together anyway. we are a part of each other.
keep me in your heart and i'll keep you in mine. don't ever forget the memories we shared. because in
reality, we'll never really find another moment that can compare to the happiness we shared. never. and always.
we can keep trying to replace and renew old pleasures, but it's not going to be as good as the real thing.
and i'm sure you've already tried doing that before. you probably just don't realize it yet. it's because you're
young and you still have so much to learn. just keep living your life at it's fullest extent each day. live like tomorrow
will be better than the day before. trust me, just let go of everything i just said, and it'll come back to you. i promise.

I'm Leigha =)
I've lived in all sorts of places in the world,
I've been to probably more places than you can count all your friends that you've
kept in touch since your childhood.
That's the thing, I barely remember most of my friends from my childhood.
But I'm still young, and at least I remember the memories.
Or, the feelings I felt when I was with them
That's good enough right?
I was taught to appreciate the little things.
You learn a lot of things if you lived in a Military life I suppose.
Anyways, I would say more but that's what a journal is for.
My journal is Friends Only so if you intend on learning
more about me, I suggest you start by commenting me.
<3456 :)